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My First Little Lettuce Sprouts!

My First Little Lettuce Sprouts!

So having herbs in the house gave me an idea; here in Oklahoma, it is really hard to grow lettuce. I mean, winters are freezing, and summers are too hot and dry. We have a few weeks of 60-70 degree temps in the spring and fall if we are lucky, so there are 2 very short growing seasons. But what if I grew them indoors? It is the perfect temp range! And I will have fresh lettuce and spinach all year round! So I planted seeds. And now I have cute little baby lettuce-es and spinach-es! (you can see one really well against the orange side of the pot) Lets name them. Any ideas?

Update- Tim’s cat, Tobi, knocked the pot over!!! But I rescued them, and about 3/4 survived. They are about 1 inch tall!


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January 24, 2014 · 7:45 pm