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Veggie Master List

As we have been becoming more vegetarian, it has been so much more important to me to keep the veggies fresh! I found that many veggies will keep for a long time if you treat them right, and I have created a master list of every veggie I regularly use, and how to keep it. I get the veggies home, and after a day or two in the fridge, they often look better than when I bought them! I hope this is as helpful to you as it is to me!!


Asparagus- Upright, loosely placed in a glass of water at room temp

Bell Pepper- Airtight container in the fridge

Broccoli- In fridge, wrapped in a damp towel

Carrots- Cut off tops, place in closed container with damp towel

Celery- Wrap in foil

Cucumber- Wrap in damp towel in fridge

Green Beans- Damp cloth placed over open container

Green Onions- Loose in crisper

Lettuce and greens- Wash, shake or spin dry, place in airtight with place paper towels

Mushrooms- Open container, covered in a towel

Onions- Cool, dark, dry place, spread out so they aren’t touching

Potatoes- Cool, dark, dry place

Snow Peas- Wash, place in airtight container with paper towel

Spinach- Loose, open in fridge

Tomatoes- Counter top

Have fun!!


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