Sample Menu

One of my big struggles trying to get started with vegetarianism and using fair trade, was that it required me to cook differently from how I grew up, and I had no idea what to make for dinner! So now that I’ve been at this for a bit, I will share a sample menu. Maybe it will give you crazy hippie readers a few ideas!

Breakfast options
Bagels/cream cheese
Homemade instant oatmeal (

Lunch options
PBJ, Pimento, or tuna sandwich/wrap (I keep pimento cheese and tuna salad made up in the fridge)
Jar of soup (I keep mason jars of leftover chili/soup in the freezer. Nuke them, and eat them straight from the jar. Fewer dishes!)

Snack options
Breakfast/lunch options
Protein/granola bar
Fresh fruit
Veggies/humus (I keep pre-sliced veggies in the fridge)
Trail mix

Homemade Mac n cheese (freeze leftovers for another day!)
Spinach lasagna rolls (freeze this too!)
Roasted asparagus and new potatoes (
Broccoli cheddar soup (
Veggie chili
Alfredo fettuccini (my fav)
Black bean and cilantro/lime rice burritos (this is also good with some fried potatoes in it)
Monterey beans and cheese (Jonathan’s fav, altered from a recipe of my moms)
Red beans n rice (also an adaptation of my moms recipe, plus some things from a Cajun cookbook)

Everything is served with fresh bread and/or salad or veggies. I just look through the supermarket and buy whatever looks fresh. I like to keep chocolate chip cookie dough balls in the freezer (fair trade chocolate) for easy sweet tooth cures.

Let me know if you want any of these recipes! Hope this gives you a few more options!


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