I Like Who I am Becoming.

The idea for this blog came from a dream Jonathan and I had for our home; that peace and safety would prevail here. Like a sort of embassy, no matter what was happening outside, if you could make it here, you would be greeted with hospitality, protection, and comfort. Shed your worries at the door. Easier said than done.

I recently was confronted by some difficult and scary subjects for me to think through. I had prejudices, contradictory beliefs, and emotions that had more to do with oppression, ignorance, and shaming than any kind of truth. For a few weeks straight I was stressed, grouchy, and angry. Even as I was desperately trying to create a place of peace for others, I was forgetting to find peace of my own.

Awhile back, I had a huge heart outline drawn on the bathroom mirror, framing the face of the viewer, and the phrase, “I like who I’m becoming” in one corner. While it was up, I heard each of the boys say something to the effect of, “I like who I’m becoming” in their own words. Maybe it was sneaking into their psyche… This is true for me though, I do like who I am becoming. I like the direction my life is taking. So why wallow in what happened a decade ago? It doesn’t matter anymore.

I am sure everyone reading this can think of things in their history that they wish had gone down differently, but they didn’t. This is who you are, in part, because of where you are from. So don’t avoid or bury it. Embrace it. But then turn back around, and get your sights set ahead again. It doesn’t really matter how I (or you!) ended up this way, but I did. And I like what I am becoming.


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  1. I love this thought Katherine! It’s amazing how big ideas can seep into our lives by such small interventions. Thanks for sharing!!

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