Organizing the Baby’s room!

Organization is my obsession. Coincidentally, its also an important part of peace in a home. It keeps your life moving smoothly, everything looking nice, and lifts up your mood! Baby rooms are difficult because there are so many little things, and, at least in our house, a lot of people going in and out and accessing them.

Like most closets, her closet is organized into pants, shirts, and complete outfits and I have a bucket on the floor for shoes. She likes to play with her shoes, and its easier than trying to place them all in rows over and over!


The other side of the closet has boxes for organization; the one on the floor has blankets, the top of the stack is various baby gear (slings, pieces to big toys I’m not using, supplies for traveling, etc) and the bottom box is stuff she has yet to grow into. The clothes hanging are also clothes that are still too big, while she has a bucket at the top of the closet for things that she has outgrown. (Get it out of the closet before someone tries to put her in it again!)


I had several sun hats from summer, so I hung them on hooks behind her door 🙂


I am most proud of the dresser. This is a regular dresser, but her grandpa built her a changing table to fit on top of it. I turned this top drawer into diaper supply storage; diapers, wipes, Desitin, lotion, and hair bows, and other baby toiletries.


Above her dresser, I have the sweetest Christmas gift I have ever been given. Jonathan put together poem/photo frame, with my favorite baby poem;

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow/For babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow/So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep/I’m rocking my baby. and babies don’t keep.

baby 6

When I was expecting Rose, I enlisted my cousin Dani to help me paint a mural. I recently added the swings (pooh and friends were given to her by my uncle Ted) And, of course, an old rocking chair that is surprisingly comfortable!

baby 7

I keep a Sentsy in her room at all times. Nurseries smell funny so often, and I hate having any type of flame in that room, so this is a very safe, effective way of smell control. I also like having a plant in her room. Feng Shui, and all. Those items beside a book from Dani, and a cross stitch from her Aunt Hillary.

baby 8

Hanging on the side of her crib, is the quilt I made her from 1960’s pooh fabric (inspiration for the tree) and hanging above is the quilt my grandma made her. The round cross stitch hung over my crib, and the mobiles are both old favorites of her aunts and uncles. In her crib is the little pink bear the loves. Jonathan won it  for her at the state fair.

baby 9

I really, really love this room. So much love went into creating it; so many memories of my childhood are recorded in various items, so much love went into preparing it for her… Just walking into it is like walking into a warm hug. I dream of her growing up in this room, surrounded by the demonstrations of love of her friends and family, and it brings tears to my eyes.


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