This evening was beautiful. 70 degrees, blue skies, and only a little breeze (unheard of in Oklahoma!) Rose was really messy after dinner, and went straight to the tub. When she got out- all clean, sweet smelling, in fuzzy, footie PJ’s- Jonathan was heading outside with his guitar. We followed. I sat in the yard, trying desperately to push tonight’s and tomorrow’s to do list out of my head and enjoy the moment. Then it hit me; I can kill two birds with one stone! I can blog about this!!! So I cherished every second, and still got something knocked off my list. Not exactly pure zen, but better than a year ago.

Rose sat next to Jonathan on the top step, alternately pulling the leaves off my slowly closing morning glories and strumming on the guitar. Then she got bored and began heading down the stairs head first. She only fell once. It’s ok though, I caught her. I was paying very close attention, I had to…you know, for the blog. We walked around the yard, up and down the stairs while Jonathan practiced his Woody Guthrie songs. She is walking now, so she would hold my hand, then break free to walk towards her Daddy. After a hug, she would crawl back to me.

I picked a flower for her. She loved it, but she isn’t very gentle and she crushed it. At one point I tapped the step next to me and called her to sit down. She crawled over beside me and tapped the same place. So cute. I hope that we have a lot more of these moments as she gets older; watching the sun set, listening to her daddy sing her favorite songs, and playing in the grass. This is what heaven will be like.


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